Julie Balkman art & illustration

In college, I studied graphic design, and illustration. Over the past 30 years, I have dabbled in various forms of freelance work and filled many sketchbooks with doodles, but I struggled to call myself an artist/illustrator. I never felt like I deserved the title because I believed that I wasn’t as skilled & talented as I “should be.”

I was always shy about sharing my work, afraid that people would not like my art or think me a fraud. With the help and encouragement of a life coach, I am doing more art than ever before. I even signed up for a year of art school. I loved it! It gave me the opportunity to share my art with confidence, develop my style, and try new things. It’s a miracle that I am brave enough now to post my art for the public eye to see! What kind of miracle would you like to see manifest in your life?

What is holding you back from getting what you want most?