I help young adults get out of the dating game and into a relationship that lasts.

Are you longing for love & true connection?

Are you tired of dating pressure & expectations?

Are you sick of guessing, ghosting, and games?

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Would you like more self-confidence, peace, clarity, communication, connection, ideas, progress, and decision making success?

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Coaching for confidence and peace.

Personal wholeness.

Dating for Results

Coaching for motivated young adults who want to get to no sooner, so they can find their yes.

Happy Healthy Relationships

Coaching for clear answers to:

What’s really going on here?

What are my choices?

What is my next right step?

Julie Balkman Coaching

I help young adults get out of the dating game and into a relationship based on unconditional love and deep connection.

I am a Certified Life Coach, trained and mentored by 3 coaching programs, six years coaching experience, NLP, co-host of a well-being & relationship class, former co-host of a three-year international young adult support group, and owner/operator of the 100 Interviews project.

I teach principles that transform lives by giving space and comfort as people learn to observe themselves without judgment. With no shame or penance, our choices become just information. This information is the key to freedom, which allows you to be you, attract & keep the kind of partner you desire, and be fully present with yourself & others.

“Julie was able to help me see things, people, and situations with a different perspective that was often healing and liberating as I saw that what I had always done was simply ineffective.”

Amy O.

“Coaching with Julie Balkman has been life changing. With her guidance, I truly like who I am the majority of the time and am genuinely excited about the person I am becoming.”

Kerry B.

“Working with Julie was a delight. She is a great listener and created a lot of space for me to process my life. Her focus on being loved, loving, and responsible gave me a lot to think, ponder, and pray about.”

Mike S.